Composer, Vibraphonist / Percussionist, Teacher



Jalan Pantai Sari - quartertone marimba duet

Rob Waring and Håkon Stene perform Rob's composition for 2 marimbas tuned a quartertone apart. In this music, Rob utilizes various principles from Balinese music theory, applying them in his own way.

David Friedman - Rob Waring Duo

David and Rob talk about their collaboration and play from their varied repertoire of original compositions for vibraphone and marimba. In particular, they explain their approach to the relationship between improvisation and composition.

Excerpts from VEV - a concert with music by Rob Waring and graphic art by Liv Krekke Kaada

Excerpts from a live performance in 2017. VEV is an ever-changing soundscape in which seven musicians and electroacoustic sound are presented in shifting combinations. Graphic artworks by Liv Krekke Kaada and lighting design by Tilo Hahn add a visual dimension to the concert.
Musicians: Ellen Bødtker (harp), SISU Percussion Trio (Tomas Nilsson, Bjørn Skansen, Bjørn-Christian Svarstad), Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (saxophone), Torben Snekkestad (saxophone), Torbjørn Ottersen (timpani)

Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory

Rob Waring performing with techno artist Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory.

Village Monster

- composed by Misha Alperin, performed by Misha Alperin - piano, Arkady Shilkloper - horn, Sergei Starostin - vocals, Rob Waring - percussion and Nizhny Novgorod Philharmonic Orchestra (Russia). September 27, 2006


"September" and part of "Within Reach" by Mats Eilertsen. Live at Jazz International 2017, Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam.
Rubicon: Mats Eilertsen (leader, composer), Trygve Seim, Eirik Hegdal, Rob Waring, Tomas Dahl, Harmen Fraanje, Olavi Louhivuori

Norwegian Academy of Music Drumline

Drumline group from the Norwegian Academy of Music playing a composition by Rob Waring. This performance was on Norway's Constitution Day, 17th of May, 2020. Normally the group would have marched in a parade through the streets of Oslo, but due to the pandemic they performed at various spots in the vicinity of the Academy. Drumline members: Simen Brenden, Åsmund Moen, Elias Voll, Geir Strande Syrrist, Nora Sjøgren, Ylva Bråten Rian, Anders Kregnes Hansen, Åsmund Soldal, Arild Bjørkelo

Stella by Starlight

An improvisation on the beautiful standard by Victor Young, made at home on the 13th of May, 2020, to celebrate spring.