Norwegian version


a concert with music by Rob Waring
and graphic art by Liv Krekke Kaada

"Sammenvevning" by Liv Krekke Kaada

"Vev" is a Norwegian word with various meanings: something woven (a tapestry, for example), loom, web, tissue. VEV is an ever-changing soundscape in which seven musicians and electroacoustic sound are presented in shifting combinations. VEV is a concert experience in which each musician's virtuosity and unique voice come into focus.

The musicians (SISU Percussion Trio, saxophone duo Rolf-Erik Nystrøm/Torben Snekkestad, solo harpist Ellen Bødtker, timpanist Torbjørn Ottersen) are among the elite of Norwegian musical life. Rob Waring's music was composed in collaboration with them and with their unique qualities in mind.

VEV is full of contrasts. Musical narratives cross each other. They are presented and interrupted; they overlap and interfere with each other. These threads are woven together into a new whole.

Graphic artworks by Liv Krekke Kaada and lighting design by Tilo Hahn give the concert a visual dimension and reinforce the impression of elements that are woven together. Ingar Hunskaar is the sound technician.

Link to video with excerpts from VEV

Photo: John Erik Kaada

Comments from Rob Waring on VEV:

"For more than 35 years as a composer, I have explored and developed certain compositional ideas through many different works. They can be perceived as related narratives. These works share ideas to varying degrees, and collide and cross each other. In VEV I attempt to create just that type of experience - of contrasting narratives that are, at the same time, related on another level.

I have previously composed commissioned works for all the performers in this project. VEV is a continuation and extension of these collaborations. Material from earlier works is deconstructed, rearranged and incorporated in new contexts. The sound picture is constantly changing, as well as the relationship between the performers - new groupings and connections form, and each musician also acts soloistically.

While thinking about a title for this work, I went on the internet one day and searched for the word "interweave". The result of the search was almost shocking. I was directed to the website of the visual artist Liv Krekke Kaada and immediately saw that much of her work grows out of ideas that are similar to my own. Her beautiful images contribute enormously to the total experience of VEV."

Photo: John Erik Kaada

Comments from Liv Krekke Kaada on her work with "interweaving":

"In these collages, images that I've been working on, motifs, and ornaments are cut up, woven together and become new expressions. The old experiences, the motifs are there, but the expression has changed - it may seem improvised. I like the thought that in the picture there are layers upon layers, motifs woven into each other and also hidden. Something new is created - through interweaving."

Photo: John Erik Kaada